TOZO NC9 Earbuds Review
(Image credit: TOZO)
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Today we will be reviewing another product of TOZO. The TOZO NC9 Earbuds. If you are a person like me who likes to enjoy his exercise or whatever he is doing without noises or listening to people’s humming around him.

The TOZO NC9 earbuds can be one of your choices while buying new earbuds. As it provides you with a very good ANC that really cancels all the noises in your surrounding environment, and in case you are driving and need to keep a.3

n ear to what surrounds you.

Then you can activate the awareness mode, which by its turn will allow a bit of sound to leak to your earbuds. However no one will be able to listen to what you are listening for. On the other hand, unlucky the battery lasts for just 4hours while the ANC is on.

TOZO NC9 Specs

If you are person who really enjoys music then these specs will matter for you:

Transducer Driver9.2mm Dynamic Driver
Bluetooth Version5.0
Frequency range20 Hz – 20 KHz
Codec Support TypeHSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
Transmission Distanceapproximately 50 feet
Battery capacity Charging case = 500mAhEarbuds = 55 mAh each
Battery lifeWith ANC= 4hoursWithout ANC= 8hours
waterproofIPX6 (not for submersion)

TOZO NC9 Earbuds Design

TOZO NC9 Earbuds design
(Image credit: TOZO)

When it comes to the design of the TOZO NC9. the earbuds themselves are very simple and minimalistic with no edges. You get different sizes of eartips within the package. To fit your own ear try to choose the best size for you to stay firm inside your ear while listening to music.

The one that came preinstalled was very good for me. The dimensions of the ear buds are 1.5×1.1×1.0 (L.W.H) with a volume of 1.60 in3 which is less in volume than the TOZO NC2 with volume 1.80n3. So yeah the NC9 is more light in your ears.

Meanwhile the charging case comes with a dimensions of 1.5×1.1×1.0. On the front of the charging case you will find LED lights working as an indicator. To how much juice you have left in the charging case.

TOZO NC9 Earbuds charging
(Image credit: TOZO)

The charging case is compact and rounded. And can be charged with USB Type-C which a huge thumbs up for. The lid of the charging case closes magnetically, and also there are magnets to help inserting the earbuds for charging.

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TOZO NC9 Sound quality

The sound of the TOZO NC9 is very smooth and very nice to listen to. To be honest they are very good for all types of music, so you won’t feel exhausted while listening to them.

They are astounding with practically all assortments of music. The sound mark is tuned for the purchaser market — a leveled/loosened up U-shape, which means weighty and full bass, with enough mid range to upgrade intelligence, and satisfactory, fresh high pitch to keep music sounding vivacious. The outcome is that the whole strong meets up well, one more infrequent benefit of a solitary driver.

1- Bass

Bass! Absolutely amazing bass effect and augmentation for a solitary 9.2mm driver. It’s weighty and full without being boomy. You can feel it, not simply hear it. Paying attention to different bass test tracks, I could barely accept that a driver this size could create this material experience. 

Regardless of pushing them with extremely low sub-bass frequencies, they are not effectively overpowered and don’t exhibit mutilation. Precision appeared to be steady across all sensible volumes.The greater part of audience members will be happy with these. In the event that you truly need more, stay with standard size over-ear earphones or outer subwoofers.

2- Mids

Midrange feels thick — in the most ideal manner. Music feels full when you anticipate that it should, and vocals forward enough to in any case be strong irrefutable. The midrange figures out how to remain present and separated in spite of the solid bass presence.

3- Highs

High pitch, while somewhat moved off in higher frequencies, brings about great presence and exuberance, with great detail and lucidity.

High frequencies exhaustion won’t be an issue for most audience members. Shockingly (there it is once more!)high pitch isn’t overwhelmed or fundamentally decreased by the huge bass created by the drivers.

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TOZO NC9 Earbuds Performance

1- Connectivity

The TOZO NC9 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which makes connection and pairing very easy and simple. All you have to do is to remove the two headphones from the charging case and they pair with one another automatically. Then, at that point, empower the Bluetooth association on your smartphone to combine the phone with your headphones.

2- ANC

As referenced, with the appropriate eartip size, noise cancellation is acceptable. This is somewhat because of the state of the headphones, the profundity in your ears they go.

Combined with the ANC turned on, the impact is surprisingly better. I ended up on many events simply keeping the headphones on and in, without paying attention to any source, appreciating that I can all the more likely focus on my jobs needing to be done.

3- Microphone

The NC9 has a positive opportunity to get better with it’s voice amplifier and voice call capacities. Amplifier execution appeared to be sufficient for easygoing calls, however I would not suggest them for proficient/business calls.

My speculation is that it could be an expense regulation measure and not a need to incorporate CVC innovation. There is no ANC for the installed mouthpieces utilized for voice calling.

Battery Life

The Battery of the TOZO NC9 could last for almost 8 hours with the ANC off. On the other side if you are using the ANC on the other side will last for 4 hours on a single charge. Yet the charging case will provide you for almost more 24 hours 


The TOZO NC9 really sounds amazing. The connectivity is very easy so you don’t have to worry about sudden unsync. Meanwhile the noise cancellation will keep you concentrated with whatever you are doing.  

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