TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds
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Today we will be reviewing TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds. TOZO is well known in the affordable price earbuds market. They have manufactured a lot of good quality earbuds such as T8 and the T10 While the T6 feels quite more premium than the T10, It comes with IPX8 and supports Bluetooth 5.0. At the same time it provides a battery that could last up to 24 hours. Charging with USB Type A which I am not a fan of .

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Specs

Model Name T6
Battery life Earbuds (Up to 6 hours in a single charge)With the charging case ( up to 24 hours)
Bluetooth 5.0
IP RatingIPX8
Size0.59 x 0.79 x 0.59 inches
Weight0.16 ounces


TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds design
(Image credit: TOZO)

The TOZO T6 comes with a compact charging case of diminsions 0.59 x 0.79 x 0.59 inches. Which can be easily put in your pocket. The charging case itself looks of a higher quality than the T10.

Meanwhile on the front side of the charging case you will find four LED lights acting as an indication for the charging status of the charging case. And how much juice you have left.

Looking at the earbuds itself, it’s not as compact as the charging case. The design of the TOZO T6 earbuds are very minimalistic with a rubber ear tip attached to it. In the package you will find a lot of ear tips.

Try to choose the best ear tip to avoid leaking of sound from your ears. For me the eartips preinstalled was a perfect fit for me 

Both the charging case and the earbuds come with IPX8 which is an indicationing for water resistance.

Meanwhile the charging case material is very solid. So it could handle few accidents and drop outs.

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TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds controls
(Image credit: TOZO)

The controllers of the TOZO T6 are very simple and easy to use. Unlike the T10, the T6 comes with touch sensitive controllers. Which makes it more easy to use.

From the controllers you play/pause music, adjust volume and most of all it supports voice assistant. Yet on the other side the TOZO T6, does not support noise cancellation or  talk through.

So what are the controls manuals?

On either sides 

  • Tap once for for play/pause
  • also Tap twice to skip tracks
  • Tap three times to activate voice assistant 

Volume adjustment 

  • Tap respectively and holding left or right to increase or decrease the sound 

TOZO T6 Sound quality

The TOZO T6 sound is quite good and impressive at the same time comparing it to other devices of the same price range.

Meanwhile the bass of the TOZO T6 is a bit heavy, in other words very emphasised which leads to a very boomy voice and flat at the sametime.

And the leakage of EQ or any other enhancement features to customize the sound upon your delight.

On the other side the vocals are very clear and nice to hear. The TOZO T6 has superb mid exactness. Generally speaking, the reaction is genuinely impartial, however there’s a plunge in the mid-mids, which pushes instruments and vocals marginally back in the blend. All things considered, vocals and lead instruments are actually solid, clear, and exact.

Noise Isolation

The TOZO T6 has extraordinary noise isolation. While they don’t have a functioning noise cancellation (ANC) highlight like more top notch choices, they latently shut out foundation commotions very well, furnishing you with an appropriate fit with the included tips.

They work really hard at shutting out foundation prattle and the piercing commotion of an AC unit. Be that as it may, they truly battle to chop down the low thunders of transport or plane motors. For earphones with a devoted ANC highlight, look at the TOZO NC9.

TOZO T6 Battery Life

The battery performance of the TOZO T6 could last for up to 6 hours on a single charge. So you will be able to use it for quite a long time while exercising or studing. And with the charging case the earbuds could last for 24 hours. Unfortunately there is nothing you can control or disable to increase the battery life time.


The TOZO T6 comes with IPX8 and supports bluetooth 5.0. At the same time it provides a battery that could last up to 24 hours. 

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