Tribit Stormbox Pro Speaker Review
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In the event that the name Tribit doesn’t strike a chord while considering a convenient Bluetooth speaker, it ought to. Buyers are getting on to what exactly Tribit’s been doing. We will talk today about Tribit Stormbox Pro, Their StormBox line of speakers is sleek, reasonable, and sounds great. Regardless of who their opposition is, Tribit consistently figures out how to offer all the more value for your well-deserved money. The new StormBox Pro is one more illustration of what is conceivable when a speaker organization puts in somewhat more effort.

So if you are a person that believes that great things may come in small packages, let’s discover this together and see if the Tribit Storm box is overrated or underrated and as usual let’s begin with the product specs 

Tribit Stormbox Specs

Output power2x 7.5W + 25W
Bluetooth version5.0, aptX
Battery lifeUp to 24 hours 
Charging time7 hours
Weight 980g
Dimensions9.6 x 9.6 x 18cm
Physical ConnectionsUSB, USB-C
Voice AssistantGoogle Assistant, Apple Siri


The Tribit Stormbox has rubber-treated lash, which can swing down so it isn’t pointing straightforwardly up for capacity, is thick and strong enough to help its weight, finishing a strong form and finish, however it does maybe come up short on a little in exceptional person and pizazz. 

Stylishly talking, impersonation is by all accounts Tribit Stormbox Pro own. The elastic top plate has enormous ‘in addition to’ and ‘less’ sign buttons for volume, similar to Ultimate Ears’ contributions. A focal, roundabout multi-work button handles play/stop, skipping tracks, call dealing with Siri initiation, and the sound system blending of two Pros. 

Tribit Stormbox Pro Design
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Underneath these are more modest buttons for power, Bluetooth matching, and XBass, Tribit’s bass-boosting tech. Under are five little LED lights for battery life, which is a guaranteed 24 hours, on account of its two 5000mAh batteries. 

Under the texture coat of the Tribit Stormbox, which helps us to remember the Pro’s more modest (and excellent) Stormbox Micro kin and assists the two items with accomplishing IP67 water-and dustproof evaluations is a promising 2.1 setup: a couple of 40mm speakers and an 8cm descending terminating subwoofer, supplemented by two detached radiators. Underlying amps drive every speaker independently, conveying two 7.5W and single 25W yields.

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Tribit Stormbox features

Tribit Stormbox Pro buttons
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We suspected there might be a couple of slick components here that Tribit Stormbox Pro hadn’t let on about – and a brief glance under the charger cap uncovers one. Close to the USB-C charging port is a USB yield. We snatch our Lightning link and plugin our iPhone, which starts charging. No place on the crate is this element recorded, in spite of the impressive worth, it adds to the item.

On that Bluetooth chipset, there is support for the aptX codec (for up to 8:1 pressure of 24-bit goal advanced sound streams), which is great at this cost. There’s no application and hence no degree for EQ enhancement other than that XBass button, yet subsequent to noticing the Tribit Stormbox Pro’s form and list of capabilities, we have high expectations for the manner in which it sounds.

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Sound performance 

Tribit Stormbox utilizes a beautiful amazing driver exhibit in this speaker, alongside an AKM7755 DSP. The upper half is loaded with a couple of 1.6-inch mid-high recurrence drivers, in addition to two inactive radiators. The base half holds a freely controlled, descending terminating, 3-inch subwoofer. The outcome is a 360-degree sound that is clear, ready for business, and with strong bass. That low end gets a much greater lift on the off chance that you draw in the XBass button. 

There is additionally a lot of volume on draft, with the subwoofer alone getting a 25W amplifier. It’s not audiophile quality sound and it’s not the sound system, in spite of the 2.1 channel assignment (in spite of the fact that you have the choice of matching a second Tribit Stormbox Pro for a valid, 2-channel sound system), however, it sounds very great, and that Xbass support is habit-forming. In my office, around 33% volume is pretty room-filling. It has the ability to be heard outside also.

Tribit Stormbox unboxing

The Tribit stormbox comes within a white square box with the Tribit logo on the left upper corner, beneath the logo you will find the Tribit stormbox itself, on the right side of the box you will find the highlighted specs, while on the back you will find some info with an orange background.

Once you open the top led you will find the Tribit Stormbox user manual ( square booklet ) and a charging cable on the top of the plastic square, that once you remove it you will find the device. 

Overrated or Underrated

From the rate of 1 to 10 where 1 is bad and 10 is excellent, I will give the product 7 out of 10, as compared to other products with the same price range, it is very good and does its function as a speaker, the design is pretty good, not that I would say its unique but still good.

What I was waiting for is more bass and more depth to the music I am listening to on a daily basis, I also expected the availability of connecting it with other devices on the same brand but yeah that thing Tribit needs to think about in the next product. But in the end, this product is underrated.

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