Trust GXT 856 Torac Gaming keyboard
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The Trust GXT 856 Torac Gaming Keyboard has great value for money, as it comes with 12 programmable, anti-ghosting media keys, but is not customizable.

Trust GXT 856 Torac: Fast Talk

Coming at a very good price and sturdy, Trust GXT 856 Torac Metal Gaming Keyboard is a great console not only for gaming, but also for everyday use as well.

It has a very simple design with a sturdy metal top panel without crease with a rainbow LED backlight, and it is available in black only.

Trust GXT 856 Torac is priced at $ 48.00, £ 34.99, £ 62.00, and comes wired and with a two-year warranty, 12 programmable media keys, and anti-ghosting.

And speaking of the cable, the USB 2.0 cable is 180cm long, which is good length and long enough to comfortably connect to your computer, so you won’t be disturbed when you wear it.


  • Anti-ghosting
  • LED rainbow lighting
  • Strong metal frame


  • No wireless
  • Available in black only
  • LED lighting is not customizable

Trust GXT 856 Torac: Design and Features

The Trust GXT 856 Torac is full-size, with dimensions of 468mm and a length of 188mm, and features two holders in the back to raise it to a more comfortable angle.

The unit weighs 913 grams, plus a metal top plate, and is so robust that it looks like it can handle some minor knocks here and there.

Trust GXT 856 Torac Gaming keyboard Design
Image Credit: Trust

Trust GXT 856 Torac contains 12 programmable media keys, as well as quick launch applications such as calculator, email, and browser home page, which are triggered by the function key.

It also features a game mode switch that allows you to lock your windows key with just one click, and it also has an anti-ghosting feature that records up to eight different keyboard inputs at the same time, which is especially useful for MOBAs and FPS games.

Trust GXT 856 Torac best gaming experience keyboard
Image Credit: Trust

The keyboard is compatible with Windows 7 to 10, Linux, Mac and Chrome OS, as well as Xbox One and PS4 devices.

We wouldn’t say that the Trust GXT 856 Torac Keyboard has an ergonomic design, but it is comfortable to use for long periods of time, but if you suffer from some muscle fatigue and need some kind of wrist support or would benefit from a comfortable unit, this is not the best option for you.

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Trust GXT 856 Torac Performance: Very Simple

GXT 856 has a very simple and straightforward setup, plus a quick two-page installation guide via the Trust website.

Upon the tests, the Trust GXT 856 Torac performed fairly well, when the membrane switches were solid, but it feels more comfortable after several hours to a day of use, and the reason for this is that it is a membrane keyboard and is not annoying.

Trust GXT 856 Torac Gaming keyboard Performance
Image Credit: Trust

The rainbow LED backlight is very impressive and has three settings, but unfortunately it is not customizable, but despite this you can adjust the brightness, and switch between fixed or illuminated mode via a button on the unusually inclined bottom row of the keyboard used, and that Along with the “FN” function key.

Unfortunately, there is also no lighting for each key, but this is not a big problem, as it is in fact due to personal preference and may not be a problem or important to some.

What we didn’t like was the uncomfortable design and the lack of main lighting, but what made up for us a bit was the metallic topcoat and durability, which are definitely a plus.

An affordable mechanical keyboard might be a better option for you if you are not very interested in keyboard design, but you are

If you prefer switches and macros for better functions in general, Trust GXT 856 Tora is for you as an economical keyboard, it does the job well enough.

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The GXT 856 Torac Keyboard is very simple and sturdy at the same time, thanks to the tenacious metallic paint, which provides good weight and footage to the unit, allowing it to stay firmly in place.

It’s also a versatile plug-and-play that can work with Xbox One and PS4 consoles, plus adding a rainbow LED lighting is a nice-looking setup on a budget.

Unfortunately, you cannot fully control and customize the lighting, you will not find color bikes or other lighting effects here, as there are only three different settings: steady, bright, and bright.

Gaming Keyboard Buying Link Price Store
Trust GXT 856 Check Price $19 Amazon


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