Elite Pro 2


Beach Elite Pro 2

Good Stuff

  • Great sound
  • Comfortable fit
  • Attractive design

    Bad Stuff

  • Amp doesn’t do much
  • very expensive
  • Many features depend on buggy software

    The new Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headphones give you great sound, plus a stylish design that is extremely comfortable for long hours of gaming, all of which have a high price.

    Fast Talk (Elite Pro 2)

    The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is a gaming headset that delivers good sound and a comfortable fit.

    We might be a little bothered by the fact that it is very expensive to enter, the chain of wires is somewhat complicate, and the programs are cumbersome.

    But the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headphones suit your long gaming sessions, but with so many similar wire and wireless headphones in the market at comparable or lower prices these headphones are not enough to help them dominate in a crowded field.

    Cool design and good microphone

    In terms of design, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headphones are similar to the previous versions, Elite Pro and the original Elite Atlas, for example they share the same oval-shaped earbuds and two-part headband designs.

    The back panels of the ear cups are glossy black plastic with silver Turtle Beach logos, and there are magnets so you can replace them with other designs as you like.

    And you can attach the large memory foam earbuds to the earcups, using the included magnet for easy removal and replacement or even cleaning.

    It’s also wrap with faux leather on the outer ring and fabric on the inside to keep it safe, with a slightly softer foam.

    And the black color design is reserve for PlayStation 4 release; And the Xbox One speaker is all-white.

    The ear cups have a headband, which allows them to rotate 90 degrees, the headband itself is a solid aluminum outer bar with a pad inner strap, and for the outer headband it is polish aluminum that gives the headset a brighter look than Elite Atlas Almost all black.

    In terms of comfort

    we Find that the fabric helps breathe on the inner parts of the earbuds in keeping your ears from getting warm during long gaming sessions, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is well-design with an excellent feel.

    In terms of ports, there is only a 3.5mm port for the included seven-foot audio cable and an additional connector for the boom microphone on the device.

    As for the microphone, it is a trapezoidal capsule equip with a small foam windshield install on a flexible arm and covered with rubber.

    Each headphone cable has a built-in microphone mute switch, and all volume controls are handle by either the included SuperAmp.

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    Elite Pro 2: Features and improvements

    One of the great features of the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is the amplifier, as it is a large disk in hand. Once you remove the ampere from the box, you will have to remove a sticker that instructs you to download the application accompanying the operating system depending on the type of your iOS or Android phone.

    We also found that the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 has been convert for PS4 or Xbox One.

    But you can’t get the software install for the headphone unless you install Turtle Beach Audio Hub on a computer first.

    After installing the Audio Hub kept pausing for 6 hours, but then I discovered that I couldn’t use Audio Hub on a computer at all.

    Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headphones are optimize and upgraded for both PS4

    or Xbox One, so you no longer have to use a mobile device to control most of its features.

    The amp is a $ 150 audio CD, which is useful for taking calls or listening to music.

    Elite Pro 2 Performance: The App, sound

    The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headphones carry 50mm triggers,

    but we’ve found there are some small compromises about clarity here,

    for example the TLDR makes guns sound cool, and less sensitive than classic music recordings painstakingly restored digitally than blurry vinyl.

    We also found that the microphone couldn’t match that powerful sound

    as is the case with the other Turtle Beach models we test, as it sounded thin and a bit weak, although it was clear enough for Discord chats.

    Credit: MURPH FRAGS

    As we said that the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headphones are compatible with PC,

    PS4 or PS5 via USB and SP / DIF connections, but we Find that there is an Xbox and PC variant also for Team Green members.

    During tests, we found that the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 had controls

    that were limited to volume and only a few adjustments.

    Microphone mute is controlled by a switch embedded in the 3.5mm cable which sounds and most controls are handled through a third method, despite the Turtle Beach app.

    And speaking of the app, the app works well and offers quite a few EQ presets as well as chatmix.


    In the end, we can say that the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headphones have succeeded tremendously in achieving the great sound quality and comfort required in gaming headsets, as it is one of the requirements of any player to have comfort in long hours of gaming.

    You can get the same amount of sound and comfort for $ 100 in Elite Atlas, plus it can be use with Xbox One and PS4, thanks to its connection with its 3.5mm audio cable.

    And if you want a high-performance amplifier, you can add an additional $ 150 in addition to some other useful additional features.

    If you love PS4 and Xbox gaming, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headphones are a good investment.


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