Ultimate Ears Hyperboom
Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is a powerful and distinctive speaker for the brand in the market, it has an elegant and discreet design, and it contains many specifications such as the ability to pair with two devices simultaneously. It is on the more expensive side of Bluetooth headphones.

Just a Glance

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is a powerful and pure loudspeaker that has a great party sound stage,

as it allows you to easily transfer your music from inside your home to the great outdoors, powered by Bluetooth.

Designed for use as an all-in-one party speaker that can keep the party going all night, the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is pretty cool by any means.

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom loudspeaker has a highly balanced sound stage with powerful bass without any loss of sound,

as you can reach high volume levels without distorting the sound.

At the price point, however, the Hyperboom is a bit pricey,

but you’ll get loads of great sound, portability, and connectivity for your money, and it costs $ 399.99.


  • Excellent sound
  • Smart dual connection
  • Modern design


  • Heavy to carry
  • Expensive


Dimensions (H/W/D)14.33 inches (364mm) x 7.5 inches (190mm) x 7.5 inches (190mm)
Weight13 pounds (5.9kg)
Input sourcesTwo Bluetooth, one 3.5mm auxiliary and one optical audio
Bluetooth range150 feet (46m)
Battery lifeUp to 24 hours (3 hours max volume)
Maximum Sound Pressure Level100 dBC
Frequency range45Hz-20KHz
Water-resistanceIPX4 rated (splashproof)
WarrantyTwo-year limited hardware 
Specifications Table


Now the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is ipx4 certified which means it can be splashed with water,

so if you’re at an event or party and somebody knocks a drink onto this thing. 

then you can have peace of mind that your $400 speaker isn’t going to be ruined.

That being said it only has resistance to splashes, it can’t be submerged or sprayed with high-pressure water. 

We do have all of the controls on top of the speakers including the power button of volume buttons and Bluetooth button. 

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Features
Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Features

and i do like the LED lights here that tell us when the speaker is on and if it’s paired to your device. 

The volume controls are very inter, they aren’t really buttons and are more like touch pads just simply tapping on the plus or minus will change the volume. 

to the right you can see that we have the ability to pair two devices to the HyberBoom at once, which really comes in handy. 

and you can easily switch between devices by pressing the Bluetooth one or the Bluetooth two. 

Now the square button on the left is for the optical connection and the circle is for the aux cord. 

In the middle we have the ability to pause or play with one press,

while pressing it twice will skip to the next song.

unfortunately we don’t have the option to skip back to the previous song which is very odd.

and also we don’t have some LED battery light indicators but to check the battery life you can check from your device or tap the plus and minus button at the same time. 

We do have Bluetooth 5.0 which is the latest Bluetooth technology in the market today.

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This is totally brand new speakers from Ultimate Ears from Hyperboom,

and is also the most expensive in the lineup at $400, just like their competitor the JBL boombox.

ever since i first unboxed this thing, i have loved the minimal design.

it’s fairly large and heavy weighting in at about 13 pounds by oddly enough. 

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Design
Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Design

The speakers are definitely made to entertain and for that reason, it is very portable. 

We have a rubber strap on the back, which allows us to carry this thing around for a while before your arms start to get tired.

surrounding the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom we have this awesome charcoal coloured durable fabric that a lot of speakers are using these days with the top and bottom of the speakers being made out of durable plastic. 

i do want to mention that we have four rubber pads on the bottom of the speaker to keep it in place, which is always a good added feature.


we have in below the rubber strap, we’ve got ports behind this water resistant cover

which includes a USB input which allows us to charge the device directly from the speakers which is incredible to have by the way. 

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Ports and buttons

and we have an optical port so you can connect this thing to a gaming console like an Xbox or playstation or even connected to a TV. 

then of course we have our three-and-a-half millimeter auxiliary input as well.

and you have of course a charger and if you want an aux or an optical cord then you will have to get those separately.

Battery Life

As for the battery life, it is very good, with a battery life of about 24 hours,

and the duration depends on the music playing at a volume level of 50%.

But we also expect the battery to last long enough to power your set, so you just have to remember to charge your speaker before leaving the house.


In my testing I was able to walk all around my house through multiple walls and the music never once cut out. now just like JB.

we do have the ability to connect the speaker to other UE speakers like the megablast to play music at the same time through two different speakers. 

the USE Hyper Boom has got some heat, there’s no denying the fact this speaker can definitely fill up larger sized rooms. 

Most speakers these days have front-facing audio only like the JBL boombox but what we have here in the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is different.

We actually have one four and a half inch woofer with one and a half inch tweeter on the left and the right side giving us incredible direction audio. 

We also have dual passive three-and-a-half inch by seven and half inch passive radiators shooting out of the back of the speaker, which sounds incredible when the speaker is placed by a wall.  

Now this isn’t a 360 degree Audio speaker but we do get a very wide directional audio which in my opinion is just as good. 

The pass is all around and very good even when it’s not next to a wall.

and I do have to mention that you can change the audio in the speaker’s app which allows you to change the bass and treble. 

there’s also no muddiness or distortion, but with that being said both the speaker and the JBL boombox can lose a bit of that crispness at the top volumes but that is kind of to be expected with almost every speaker. 

now in terms of the high frequencies that weren’t ear-piercing or overboard and had just the right amount for listening even at top volumes.

Buy it for

One of the main features of the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is the battery life,

which is around 24 hours, which is more than enough to run your parties.

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom has an IPX4 rating, which is more than suitable for outdoor use, so you can hear the sound in perfect clarity outdoors.

The UE Hyperboom does a great job at providing a balanced sound level, with strong bass frequencies.

Don’t buy it for

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is a very expensive Bluetooth speaker.

If you prefer a wireless speaker connected to your home network, check out another model, for example the Sonos Move.

Although the design of Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is good,

it does not have the creativity that we see currently in the market from the amazing designs of the speakers.


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