Urbanista Miami Headphone Review
(Image Credit: urbanista.com)
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If you are looking for a pair of headphones that are on a low budget yet with good features Urbanista provides you with Urbanista Miami which has exceeded the expectations with its first pair of ear earphones with a noise cancelation feature, they’re a simple suggestion for those who are on a tight budget.

Urbanista Miami Noise cancellation isn’t the most awesome compare to other products available in the market, meanwhile, the sound could be more itemize, and expand bass reaction yet the Urbanista Miami is ideal for pop and RnB.

In addition to battery life which is nice at the cost, making these an incredible option compare to other products within the same price range.

Urbanista Miami Design

Urbanista is very handy and easy to carried because of its lightweight, in addition to the buds material

which makes it very soft and comfy for your ears while listening to your most beloved soundtracks, not only that but also,

the provided colors of the Urbanista Miami are very stunning and mesmerizing making it very fashionable,

the headphones come in four colors Real Green, Ruby Red, Midnight Black, and Pearl White.  

Urbanista Miami Headphone design
(Image Credit: urbanista.com)

Looking to the right side of Urbanista Miami, you will find a 3.5mm jack – which I really appreciate as some companies like apple stopped using this kind of technology

Also on the right side you will find track shifting bottoms, in addition to volume bottoms as well, you will also find the controllers which will be in use when you want to play/pause your soundtracks, turn off/on the headphones and most important answering/ending your phone calls.

On the left side you will find the battery status indicator light, the USB-C charging port, and one of the features that I appreciate myself the most which is controlling the noise cancellation whenever you want with a simple press.

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Urbanista Miami’s bass propagation is genuinely extravagant and has a full-bodied low bass, which appears to be huge and extremely incredible in bass-situated creations.

Nonetheless, the proliferation doesn’t sound fresh and punchy, particularly since the abundant bass doesn’t appear to be adequately characterize, has a specific bluntness, and can begin to vacillate when called upon to convey hip-jump or electro.

With pop and rock melodies, then again, a rich bass establishment is detectable, the sound, by and large, appears very warm, dim instead of brilliant, and somewhat dull and suppressed. 

The essential tone is very loose and laid-back as opposed to powerful or hasty.

Considering the low-recurrence presence, the midrange and high pitch multiplication appear to limit, yet vocals and lead instruments are address neatly and plainly and have a practical profundity, sounding full-bod as oppose to level.

No cruelty or pinnacles are perceptible in the higher registers in any event, when the force yield is completely used, and sibilants are duplicated delicately and subtly.

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Urbanista Miami Noise cancelation

In ANC mode, the sound seems to open up a little and appears more clear in general, as the bass reach is brought down and sounds recognizably drier just as more characterized albeit the generation actually comes to down low.

Voices additionally acquire presence. Simultaneously, the commotion decrease perceptibly lessens low and medium frequencies, while the high-recurrence range is just marginally suppressed.

The separating is very powerful, as just a sharp murmur from a pot, for instance, can be heard.

Urbanista Miami Headphone ANC Performance
(Image Credit: urbanista.com)

In any case, a slight foundation clamor should be acknowledge, which isn’t the situation in the surrounding mode, which has a more full bass multiplication. 

The ambient sound mode dazzled me with an exact intensification of the rest of the world so individual people and amplifier declarations can be perceived completely clear when playback is stop.

In any event, during playback, great clarity is kept up to a medium volume, while the direction in your environmental factors stays conceivable even at more significant levels.

A capacity button on the left earcup is utilize to switch between working modes; this initiates the clamor decrease and afterward the outside insight, and you can get back to the fundamental sound by squeezing it once more.

Battery life

In my testing for the Urbanista Miami battery life, I surprised as it kept on for almost 47 hours of music playback, with everything except 6 of those hours utilizing ANC.

That is a phenomenal outcome, that I am really impress with, as if you compared it with the apple headphones,

For example, you will find that the Airpods last for about 20 hours, after leaving it to empty,

when charge noticing that after an hour of charging it reach 82% which is more than sufficient to use it for multiple days with no need for a second charge.

Call quality 

Believe it or not the Urbanista Miami call sound during calls, is way more clear and sharp than talking directly from my XR,

which make me wonder, what if my XR speaker wasn’t clean enough, so I clean and retest the headphones and still,

The results are the same, in addition, I don’t know how but for me it seemed

like the noise cancellation is working more efficiently during calls rather than listening to music 

Urbanista Miami Verdict

The Style of the Urbanista Miami is very stunning and very fashionable, the material is comfy yet

After a while of using I felt a bit itchy, yet rather than this and comparing this earbud to other of the same price range.

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