V-Moda Remix Speaker
V-Moda Remix Speaker
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The V-Moda Remix speaker has great and clear sound, but it lacks some important features found in other speakers.

Fast Talk

V-Moda is known for its great headphones with amazing sound quality, so we were really excited to hear about the launch of the Bluetooth Speakers (V-Moda Remix).

The V-Moda Remix comes at a value of $ 119, especially with its lack of some of the features found in other speakers in the same price range.

One V-Moda Remix comes with a simple and visually appealing design that can be customize with 3D print straps and act as stabilizing legs.

In terms of sound quality, these speakers provide powerful performance, but they are sometimes distort at loud noises on difficult, deep bass tracks.

And in matte black or black and silver, the V-Moda Remix measures 2.5 x 8.1 x 2.5 inches (HWD) and weighs 1.9 pounds.

All in all it’s a good loudspeaker – it sounds great to use on several types.


  • Customizable design
  • Decent mid-range and dynamism


  • Uneven tonal balance
  • Sharp treble
  • Bass loose
  • Disorganization

Strong Design with A lot of Ports

With the V-Moda Remix you will get some additional accessories, for example you will find a high-quality braided audio cable,

a powerful USB-A to USB-C charging cable, four remix rings, in addition to all the warranty information and a quick start guide.

V-Moda Remix Speaker design

The design of the REMIX loudspeaker is made of either aluminum or vegetable leather, and it is a nice rectangular box, but still a small rectangular box.

This ranges from the vegan leather we look at along the way to materials like platinum that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

At the top of the speaker is the LED status light, the power button, the volume down, the multiple functions and the volume up,

in addition to the Bluetooth pairing buttons and a small microphone along the line from left to right.

In terms of ports, there is on the back of the speaker a 3.5 mm input, a USB-C charging input, and a Vamp output,

V-Moda Remix ports

so in general this headphone is intend for use in an office or bedside table. It’s just like the types of Bluetooth speakers you are used to.

Features : Easy Set Up 

Setting up the V-Moda Remix is ​​quite easy, just connect your audio source to the amplifier using the 3.5mm cable,

then connect the headphones, press the existing multi-function button and the small power indicator will turn orange.

V-Moda Remix provides you with more clarity and space compared to the audio from your smartphone.

The V-Moda Remix is ​​rather bulky, weighing about five times the weight of the DragonFly Red but is easy to carry.

The V-Moda Remix also has a built-in microphone so you can make calls using it, and you can also connect two devices to a Remix at the same time.

The device also has a “daisy chain mode” which is use to connect multiple speakers together,

but unfortunately you cannot do this through Bluetooth as is the case with most other headphones, and you will need to use a 3.5 mm cable.

Audio Performance

As for the performance of V-Moda Remix, it is wonderful as it provides clear and brilliant sound,

when we conducted tests, the sound was clear and crisp, and the bass response was very deep,

Especially on tracks with intense sub-bass content, such as The Knife.

V-Moda Remix speaker accessories

At the maximum volumes, we noticed that the bass handled somewhat challenging drivers

and the headphones also produced slight distortion, but this is not surprising for a speaker of this size.

At low volume levels, we didn’t notice a problem, as V-Moda Remix provides a strong balance between lows and deep highs.

We also heard Circles, a track with a lower bass sound deep in the mix, and gave us a better sense of the overall acoustic signature,

although the drums on this track loud excessively on the bass boost systems; However, with V-Moda Remix,

it looks complete and natural with a medium-low command, where the vocals also receive a lot of triple edge to give them more contouring and clarity in the mix.

Although the V-Moda Remix lacks a very deep bass response at subwoofer level, it does give you a mix between the lows and the lows.

When we watched The 100, the kick drum ring had a presence of medium enough to maintain its attack intensity,

Allowing it to chop through a multi-layered mix, so the system was able to deliver a deeper low end, with excellent clarity in high and medium sounds.

As for the orchestral tracks, the opening scene in the John Adams Gospel was great as the V-Moda Remix was given an impressive extra boost from the bass, and the lows were a bit more advanced.


The V-Moda Remix is ​​a very good device, but it lacks many features, especially this one

The price is a bit steep, even for the standard no-frills version, the lack of things like being able to connect to other headphones wirelessly makes it less suitable for everyday conditions.

But in spite of that it delivers very good and clear sound quality.

Speaker Buying Link Price Store
V-Moda Remix Check Price $119.99 Amazon


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