vizio v-series 2.1 sound bar

The Vizio V-Series 2.1-Channel Speakers are packed with features, they have a unique and unobtrusive design, the sound quality is where it really matters, and they sound great, crisp and clear.


Great sound quality
Easy step
Simple design


There is no built-in assistant


Number of Channels2.1
Surround Sound Supported FormatsDTS Virtual:X, DTS
Supported Audio FormatsBluetooth
Works with Google AssistantYes, Input
Number of Speakers3
Subwoofer TypeWireless
Cable(s) IncludedOptical/3.5mm/USB/HDMI
Mounting OptionWall Mountable


The Vizio V-Series speakerphone is far from ugly, it has a unique and modern design that fits

with your home or office décor, and will look good in front of any TV, without any distractions.

On the front of the speaker there is a nice fabric cover, while on the top and bottom there is a plastic shaped cover.

 Also at the top, you will find buttons that control the speakers in case you do not want to use the remote control.

There are also volume controls, an input selector, a Bluetooth button to connect to various devices, and there is also a power button.

The Vizio V-Series 2.1-Channel Speaker has a subwoofer that connects to the tape wirelessly, and it’s relatively sleek and elegant as well.

It’s another black box, with a power button and bass jack on the back.

The speaker settings are very easy, it is not complicated, so if you forget the enter key, as we did.

All you have to do is plug it in, change the sound settings on your TV if you need to, set the correct input you want and that’s it.


The Vizio V-Series 2.1-Channel Sound System contains an excellent set of various special features

that should help make it more useful than some of the others.

For starters, there is support for the virtual assistant,

which is useful for those who want to use a smart device such as an Echo Input or Echo Dot

on a larger speaker and also useful for those who are using speakers for the first time using speakers.

The amplifier treats all Bluetooth communications as virtual assistant connections, and as a result you could accidentally end up playing your phone’s audio over your TV show.

It is logical for this to happen, but it is still annoying for you, as you can turn on any device with this amplifier.

Unfortunately, you won’t get support for all the fancy sound standards on this speaker as it is not the most affordable.

But for those amplifiers in this price range, it performs very well and with impressive clarity.

You’ll get support for DTS Virtual: X, through the three built-in tweeters and subwoofers.

Plus, you can easily adjust the total equalizer directly from the remote control whenever you want.

Remote Control

vizio v-series 2.1 sound bar Remote Control

As for the remote control, which is easy to use, clear and not complicated at all, as it is well designed and modernly design to match the design of the amplifier.

The remote provides controls for input, volume and EQ settings.

The amplifier itself indicates its input based on the color of the LED light on the front.

On the back of the remote control there is a key to assist you.

In my view, I would have preferred a slightly different way to determine which input the volume bar was set to.

 Also, the color coded system works very well and is impressive, and many will likely set it and forget it anyway.


On the back are all the device’s inputs and outputs;

there’s an HDMI ARC input, an optical input, and two aux ports – one of which is intended to be used specifically for a virtual assistant. But it’s a nice touch on the speakers in this price range.


The bass response on the speakers is strong and heavy.

The subwoofer technically only supports sound up to 50Hz, but even that is enough to cause dangerous noise in the room in the event of an explosion.

The mid-range is pure and simple. These amplifiers provide a relatively warm frequency response,

with adequate amounts of low mediators, and provide slightly hidden mid-high ranges.

That’s not a bad thing – although it’s not quite flat, the warm, scooping frequency response is common for a reason: It looks good, most of the time.

The heights in these amplifiers are defined and clear, as you are guaranteed a very good amount of detail,

Regardless of what you’re listening to, no matter how quiet or chaotic.

The loudspeaker contains a wonderful variety of different settings, whether you want to watch TV shows and movies, or simply listen to music but want to relax. Whether we’re watching something explosive and action-packed, like a wonder woman, or something a bit quiet, like la la land, these speakers deliver good separate sound and crisp with enough detail to keep things fun and simple from distraction.

The support for DTS Virtual: X is also a nice touch for me. Most of the time, we keep the setting on, adding an immersive touch to an audio experience that not weird or poorly executed



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