Wahoo Elemnt Rival
Wahoo Elemnt Rival

Wahoo Elemnt Rival is a solid math tracker with some new features that should be really useful, especially if you already own other Wahoo devices and products.


  • Works with Wahoo Bike Computers
  • Touchless transitions for athletes
  • Accurate GPS tracking


  • Lacks smart watch features
  • There are no training insights

Fast Talk (Elemnt Rival)

Wahoo finally announced the rival, their multisport watch. focusing on swimming, biking and running.

Now the hero feature of this watch is what’s called a touch less transition feature. 

so this watch will detect when you are swimming, it’ll detect when you’re in transition, when you’re riding, and when you’re running.

allowing people to focus on the effort rather than recording their effort.

you’ve seen in cycle races and running and everything people diving for their watches or head units and not focusing on what they’re doing, the main feature of this device is that you don’t need to do that. 

The new Elemnt Rival watch, it is considered the company’s first sports watch ever.

and it is natural to find what distinguishes it among all these crowds and different sports watches in the market, and it really features a set of features specially designed for triathlon athletes that you will not find in Garmin, Polar and Coros watches Multiple sports.

The Elemnt Rival watch is great for tracking running, horseback riding and swimming, and it can also automatically recognize when you move from the swimming leg to your bike and then move to this run, you will feel that this watch has enough experience in this field to make it a strong competitor in the markets.

The Elemnt Rival watch is priced at £ 349.99 / $ 379.99 (roughly AU $ 520.

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Key Specifically

ComponentsDamage-resistant gorilla glass, ceramic bezel, silicone strap
Weight50 g
Physical featuresWaterproof to 50 m, optical HR monitor, screen lock, ambient light sensor and 4 watch face options
Features9 sport modes, live tracking, customizable data fields, screen zoom, step tracker

Elemnt Rival: Stylish Design and a good display

In terms of design, the Elemnt Rival watch is elegant in design, as the Rival definitely has the look of the Garmin Fenix ​​watch, and this is demonstrated by a polymer case made of solid nylon 50 mm, and there is a very elegant-looking ceramic frame.

With a diameter of about 17 mm, it is heavier on paper than the Garmin external watch, but when you wear it you find it a relatively light watch, so you won’t feel any discomfort wearing it all the time.

Wahoo Elemnt Rival design
Wahoo Elemnt Rival design

As for the front and center front, it is a 39 mm reflective screen, and there is a group of five physical buttons to move across the screen.

The screen features a soft-touch silicone, which can be removed via a simple pin mechanism and is suitable for wrist sizes between around 140 mm and 240 mm in circumference.

And at the back of the watch is the optical heart rate sensor, as well as the charging pins, which are attached to the charging stand that covers the entire back of the case.

Wahoo Elemnt Rival back design

The packaging itself as a whole is designed with a water-resistant feature up to a depth of 50 meters, making it safe during sweating, rain, or swimming in the pool and all the important activities of swimming in open water.

As for the screen, it is of the reflex type that does not touch and provides a resolution of 240 x 240, and the Elemnt Rival watch also includes an ambient light sensor that can automatically set the screen to black or white, depending on the lighting conditions. You also have the option to set it to one or the other as well.

Elemnt Rival Fitness tracking

As we said, the Elemnt Rival watch contains a wide range of sport modes, for example there are many basic modes such as Triathlon, which you will find the most distinctive Elemnt features, and also there is cycling, running and swimming that offer the best metrics that you can see.

And there’s Touchless Transitions, which promises to track your transitions during an event without you having to do anything manually on the watch.

Wahoo Elemnt Rival fitness tracker
Wahoo Elemnt Rival fitness tracker

The tracking starts as soon as you press the start button in the triple tracking mode, where the watch uses motion sensors and Wahoo software algorithms to recognize the time at which you make these shifts, and it also allows you to make various adjustments.

Another feature called Multisport Handover which in turn brings Wahoo’s Elemnt GPS cycling computer into the picture.

And when you operate the bike computer in the transition zone, it will keep the feature in low power mode pending when you head on your bike after swimming.

Wahoo Elemnt Features

There is also quite standard support for other essential sports, for example for open water swimming, you will be able to see GPS-based distance tracking along with time and speed.

You’ll also be able to get similar stats in the group along with extras like SWOLF scores.

As for the bike ride, you will be able to view the GPS-based distance, it also allows you to view the altitude data and have access to the heart rate data.

Elemnt Rival features

As for the indoor bike, it can also control Wahoo’s smart kickr trainer which is compatible with cadence sensors as well.

However, the clock cannot track sleep, but it may be added soon.

And we found that there were some nice touches to the program interface, such as adding a real-time lap split screen and the ability to hold down the two bottom physical buttons to switch.

Elemnt Rival Features, specs, battery life

As for the features that the Elemnt Rival watch includes, most of them are related to sports tracking, as there is a built-in GPS system, and there is also a visual heart rate monitor while doing exercises and various sports, along with a barometer sensor to measure altitude and a sensor movement scale Acceleration for internal tracking.

Elemnt Rival battery life

The Elemnt Rival watch features ANT + and Bluetooth support that allows you to pair it with other Wahoo devices such as bike computers, indoor trainers, chest straps for heart rate monitoring, and more.

And not only its own devices, but it also plays well with devices that are not affiliated with Wahoo, and there is also support for additional sensors and foot units such as Stryd as well, and this feature is for runners.

As for battery life, the battery life is about two weeks in smartwatch mode, according to Wahoo, with the ability to display only smartphone notifications.

But when using good GPS tracking, it only has 24 hours of battery life.


The new Elemnt Rival watch is an interesting step from Wahoo, as it has many interesting features that revolve around the triathlon here, but you will not hope to find in it a large display that differs from what you can get from other multi-sport watches on the market, actually Example there are no statistics for training or recovery.

The Elemnt Rival watch is an attractive looking and exquisitely designed watch. 

It works well with your current bike setup and is more affordable than the prices in the market.



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