What is the next Apple event 2021

We are all waiting in next Apple event for Apple watch events, especially WWDC and the launch of the new iPhone, and Apple’s spring event falls into this last category.

will Apple hold a spring 2021 event

Apple will hold a spring event of some kind in March and the exact timing of the event, as well as the types of announcements issued, will vary from year to year.

So far, we are not even sure that there will be a spring event in Apple 2021, but we have heard some rumors saying that there is a possible date, and that the Apple Spring event will happen on March 23, and we have roughly an idea of ​​what we may see there as well.

It will take place in the northern hemisphere where Apple is based.

We also got sources that this date was provide by Jon Prosser and DuanRui on Twitter that the event will take place on March 16, but if he was wrong he might be wrong again.

But Joe Rossignol stated that it was only speculation, and said that there would be no event on March 16th.

All in all, March 23 is currently much more likely than March 16 – or any other date.

what will apple launch at the next event 

iPad Pro

A new iPad Pro is expect to launch in the spring, and there are sources that the supply chain cite by DigiTimes anticipate a release in the first three months of 2021.

And there is news that the new iPad Pro features a new small LED-backlit display that makes the screen better than ever.

The iPad mini also might get an update – with a larger screen and narrowed bezels, it will jump from 7.9 inches to 8.4 inches of screen diagonal, which is a small but worthwhile improvement.

Apple TV

Apple now has a TV + subscription service, and there is news of a smaller and cheaper Apple TV to go along with it, and this is the dongle that allows them to stream new Apple content to their TVs, an essential part of the equation.

The company is now ready to launch the updated Apple TV devices, and there are plans to ramp up the technology inside the device to make it a gaming machine to compete with Switch and Xbox.


This is another new Apple product that has been rumored for some time which is an object tracker in the near future, and it will be applicable to keys, wallets, and other important items.


It comes with a new design, with rumors indicating that the 21.5-inch model will get a larger 23-inch screen, with a new Apple M1X processor, and it is also likely to come to the smaller iMac before it reaches the 27-inch model.

14 inch MacBook Pro

Apple is expected to have some plans for the 2.0GHz 13-inch MacBook Pro which could include a new design and a larger screen.

This new MacBook Pro will also get a new Apple-made processor.

New AirPods

Prosser said in a tweet that the headline of the event will be AirPods Studio, but that’s not true – the AirPods Max were launched over-the-ear in December, in addition to the availability of AirPods Pro Lite that are said to fall between the wireless charging standard AirPods and AirPods Pro, or AirPods 3.

Apple’s event schedule for 2021

There are usually up to four Apple events where the company unveils its latest products in front of a large crowd.

Unfortunately, due to the tragic year 2020, Apple will not invite people to the events, but it does not diminish its influence by inviting everyone to join it in an online broadcast.

But instead there are Apple’s video presentations in 2020 on the usual events in front of the audience, and we think the same will happen in 2021.

There are some rumors saying that Apple will hold three or four events a year:

March or Spring (education and creativity topics, often including iPads)

June (WWDC – mostly software, sometimes high-end / professional hardware)

September (iPhones and Apple Watches)

October (iPads and sometimes consumer-focused Macs)


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