Instagram keeps crashing or crashing on Android

Instagram crashing, there are two common problems that Instagram faces on your screen while trying to launch your Instagram application, which is Instagram has stopped.

When Instagram app keeps crashing or crashing, it means that there is something wrong with the app or the phone you are using.

In general, crashes occur when the user does not update his application to the latest version that was provided by the owners of the application every period.

Also, there is another reason which is the presence of excess luggage in the phone that prevents it from starting well, and some of this luggage may be cache or issues related to phone storage and Android errors.

Here, we will try as much as possible to guide you what to do if Instagram keeps crashing or crashing on Android.

What to do if Instagram keeps crashing or crashing on Android

Restart your phone

The basic and first step is to restart your phone, any time you encounter a problem with your Android phone, the first thing you should do is restart the phone again, and unlike it is known that restarting works wonders; You’d be amazed at what things a simple restart can fix.

So if you face any problem related to your Instagram app and Instagram keeps crashing, try restarting the phone again before taking any steps.

Then, try restarting the application and see if the problem has been fixed, and it will not solve the problem, so try the other methods we will inform you of now.

Check your network

Logically, if you do not have a good network connection, you will not be able to use the Instagram application, as your Android phone requires a strong network connection to display the content on your Instagram account.

And if this connection is not available then instagram will not load so check if you have turned off your data connection by mistake, or your phone is in airplane mode.

As it could be a hindrance to your user experience, and if the network connection is not strong in your place, you can go elsewhere.

You can also check if you have data on your device, and if you do not have data, purchase the data to access your network connection, and the app will work.

System update

Both the android operating system and the Instagram application need to go through upgrades frequently, and these upgrades or updates are necessary to keep the phone and the application running and overall performance maintained. So it is possible that the Instagram crashing issue is due to your android OS not updating.

to solve this problem

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your android phone.
  • Then tap on the three lines located in the upper left corner of your device.
  • Click the “My apps and games” button.
  • The Play Store will provide you with all the apps that need updating.
  • Choose to update in bulk or click “Update” next to Instagram.
  • Your Instagram application will be updated automatically.

But if you try to update the Instagram application and Instagram also continues to crash on the Android system, you will have to go to another step which is uninstalling and reinstalling the application. It might be that the current app you ran into is corrupted during installation.

And to uninstall the Instagram application

  • Go to settings and click on “Applications and notifications”.
  • Select all apps.
  • Click on the Instagram app.
  • Select Uninstall.

Then go back to the Google Play Store, download and install the latest version of the Instagram app, and this by:

  • Type in the search bar “Instagram”.
  • The Play Store will show you the latest version.
  • Click Install.
  • The application will be installed on your phone.

And if the Instagram app keeps working badly, you can try to restart it, close the app and then restart it. The app will likely start working fine when you do this.

Clear the app’s cache

The app’s cache can take up a lot of space on the phone memory, and this will slow down the phone’s speed, causing your Instagram to keep crashing or freezing. In this case, all you have to do is clear the app’s cache, and to do so:

  • Go to Settings.
  • And then the storage.
  • Tap on Internal Storage.
  • Select applications.
  • Choose Instagram.
  • There are two options: clear data or clear cache. Tap on Clear cache.
  • Then run in safe mode

And if Instagram keeps crashing or crashing, try running your phone in safe mode, as it’s possible that the problem is with a third-party app, but if the Instagram app still crashes even in safe mode, then the third-party apps won’t be the problem.

So go to safe mode, by:

  • Hold down the power button.
  • Press and hold the power off button.
  • Tap on Restart in Safe Mode.
  • Your phone will restart in safe mode and all you need to do is restart your phone. It will restart in normal mode.

Check your phone storage space

It is possible that the phone storage capacity is low, and that may be the reason why your Instagram is crashing.

To solve this problem, go to the phone’s storage space and free up some space, and you can also delete the cache for all your applications.

Also, you can transfer files to an SD card; You can delete unnecessary files.

Log in with a different account

If your instagram app keeps crashing, you can try to log in with a different account so you can make sure that the problem is not with your account.

Factory reset the phone

The last option that you should make is a factory reset. This is an undesirable step, as all your files and documents will be erased.

And you can’t get it back after the reset, every third-party app will be deleted as well, and after the factory reset is done, you will have to download another Instagram app.

To do a factory reset, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Then to the system.
  • Go to reset options.
  • Choose Factory data reset.
  • You will receive a note telling you everything that will be deleted and if you want to continue.
  • Click “Erase everything.”

Resorting to professional help

If you are unable to solve the problem with any of the above solutions, you can take your phone to the official service center of the phone you are using.

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