Work From Home Equipment
Work From Home Equipment
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dell xps 15 2020 Check Price Laptop Amazon
MacBook air Check Price Laptop Amazon
HP Envy x360 Check Price Laptop Amazon
ASUS rog g14 Check Price Laptop Amazon
Razer Pro Type Check Price Keyboard Amazon
pfu happy hacking 2 Check Price Keyboard Amazon
BenQ EX3203R Check Price Monitor Amazon
Samsung CF791 Check Price Monitor Amazon
LG 34WK95U Check Price Monitor Amazon
Logitech M330 Silent Plus Check Price Mouse Amazon
Razer Pro Click Check Price Mouse Amazon
Furinno Check Price Desk Amazon
IKEA Linnmon / Alex Check Price Desk Amazon
Rain Design mStand. Check Price Laptop Stand Amazon
Griffin Elevator Check Price Laptop Stand Amazon
Herman Miller Aeron Check Price Chair Amazon
Alera Elusion Check Price Chair Amazon
Sony WH-1000xM4 Check Price Headphone Amazon
Jabra Elite Active 75t Check Price Headphone Amazon

Work From Home Equipment – There has been a state of stalemate all over the world since February,

when the new virus (Corona) appeared and began to transmit rapidly and increasing in all countries of the world,

and most people stayed at their homes for fear of transmitting the infection to them, and the months passed and the stalemate continued

and many people were forced to accomplish most Necessary business from home for fear of dealing with people outside.

Hence the need to have a private office in order to accomplish the work ( Work From Home Equipment ) without disrupting

or having to leave the house and among the important things that must be present to accomplish tasks related to work or study: a mobile device or computer, headphones, a good keyboard, a desk, a screen stand Screen, battery charging and other things.

Here, we will try as much as possible to help you prepare your (Work From Home Equipment ) Empire so that it becomes a qualified place for study or work.

We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices:

First of all you’ll need a good Laptop (Work From Home Equipment )

One of the main things and our first Equipment that must be available is to have a laptop, and you must be concerned with the capabilities you need, not just the price, there are devices that are ideal for browsing and accomplishing simple tasks only, and there are devices with high capabilities and strong performance, all according to your needs to help you Work From home.

1- Dell XPS 15 (2020)

Dell XPS 15 (2020) Work From Home Equipment
Image Credit: Dell

The Dell XPS 15 is the best 15-inch laptop on the market in 2020, it is probably the most stylish Windows laptop on the market, it’s a little bit expensive, it costs $1,299.

It has big specs, for example, Intel Core i7-10875H for more power, with a very good 1080p IR Webcam, a lot of ports.

This new XPS 15 features both Windows Hello flavors, it’s very useful, and it comes with a 86Whr battery, which is beefy for a laptop that’s this thin.

2- MacBook Air

MacBook Air Work From Home Equipment
Image Credit: Amazon

The latest MacBook Air was released from Apple for 2020 with a new,

significantly improved and stable keyboard, and the MacBook Air features an

attractive design that represents the height of the traditional laptop form,

as for the price, it costs 200 pounds less than its predecessor.

And the performance is impressive alongside the thin and a very light design and decent battery life makes this laptop a brilliant MacBook for students.

3- Envy x360 13

Envy x360 13
Image Credit: Amazon

The Envy x360 13 is one of the best portable devices with a very reasonable price,

with a price of $ 1,199.77 dollars, and this device contains wonderful capabilities such as a bright and vibrant screen

to the body made of luxurious aluminum and very fast performance that enables you to do many things.

And if you use a keyboard a lot and want one that is easy to use, this device comes with a keyboard that is surprisingly comfortable for typing.

As for the battery life, it is great for long use or long work nights as the battery it’s 13 lasted for an outstanding 11 hours and 52 minutes.

4- Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14
Image Credit: Amazon

The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is the smallest gaming laptop on the market, which is unusual for gaming devices, and it features a battery that lasts longer than any gaming laptop we’ve seen.

It has many specifications such as a solid screen, it also has a rich and powerful speaker, and if you are looking for power, it offers the G14’s AMD Ryzen 9-4900HS processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q graphics card, which is wonderful by all standards.

As for the price point, it is a little expensive, but given the features it contains, I think it is worth it, as its price is $ 1,999.

You need also a comfy keyboard

The keyboard is very important Equipment to accomplish your work From Home, as you normally type all the time, and you will need a comfortable and strong keyboard at the same time, and you must choose a suitable keyboard for you as there are many types, and here we will recommend some for you:

1-  Razer Pro Type

Razer Pro Type
Image Credit: Razer

The Razer Pro Type is a great-use wireless keyboard that is intended for business and home office consumers,

it contains many wonderful specifications, starting with switches,

and contains keys that are great to use as it contains mechanical clicks, it is very durable and strong.

It also contains space to save three Bluetooth device profiles (2.4 GHz).

also features a stylish design and very soft white lighting, as for the price point, it is priced at $ 140.

2- Logitech Craft

Logitech Craft
Logitech Craft

Logitech Craft has a robust, tactile and attractive keyboard with a unique dial located in the upper left corner, which is ideal for business owners to speed up their workflow.

features an innovative keyboard, with great keys to use, huge potential for growth, and plenty of space for more applications.

It features good playback, gentle bounce, and great accuracy without noticeable lags, and it also has the company’s free Logitech Options software.

As for the battery life, it is very good, reaching a full week when fully charged.

As for the price, it is priced at about $ 200.

3- Happy Hacker Keyboard Pro 2

Happy Hacker Keyboard Pro 2
Happy Hacker Keyboard Pro 2

Happy Hacker Keyboard Pro 2 has a combination of elegant design, Topre keys and an exotic layout.

As for the design, it is beautiful and compact, and is proportionate beautifully and exquisitely, and the keycaps are characterized by a design with a kind of muted color palette.

This keyboard possesses the modification and change of the keyboard layout that the rest of the world has used without any doubt since the late eighties, it does not contain a numeric pad, arrow keys, or even a function row

As for price, it’s $ 225 (£ 260; roughly $ 290).

You’ll need a Great monitor

The screen is a nice addition to greatly improving your work experience at home. We’ll recommend some options ( Work From Home Equipment ):

1- BenQ EX3203R

BenQ EX3203R
BenQ EX3203R

The EX3203R is a tough keeper of itself by adding HDR certification, but it’s not a true HDR screen.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good screen.

It has many advantages for me, it is a large screen, beautifully designed, bold colors, high refresh rates and adaptive sync support that give EX3203R a serious consideration.

It also includes more notable features such as a curved panel, USB-C connectivity and adaptive sync support, all wrapped in a 32-inch package.

and it costs £499 in the UK, $699 Stateside and $799 in Australia.

2- Samsung CF791

Samsung CF791
Image Credit: Amazon

The Samsung CF791 screen is a wonderful screen by all standards, as it has a VA panel that can produce deep dark scenes,

you will listen very much when watching movies or watching different videos, and it is also important if you like sitting in dim lighting.

It also features a great gray uniformity, which is good for watching videos or browsing the web.

also comes with Quantum dot technology that uses nano-sized optical crystals to deliver a wide range of colors.

It has a curved screen, which in turn helps reduce image degradation from corners.

3- LG 34WK95U-W

LG 34WK95U-W
Image Credit: LG

The LG 34WK95U-W is a good 5k IPS LED display that offers good picture quality.

It has many features, for example, it can become very bright in SDR

and it can also display HDR content in a decent and wonderful manner.

However, it is not recommended to work or watch in a dark room,

as the black color will appear gray due to its modest contrast ratio and poor local dimming.

The screen is characterized by its large size and excellent accuracy.

It also features a low input lag that makes it very responsive to your actions. it costs $1,699.99.

You’ll need a good mouse for easy work

We also know that the mouse is more comfortable to use than the trackpad,

as it helps you get your work done faster and better and it’s another ( Work From Home Equipment )

1- Logitech M330 Silent Plus

Logitech M330 Silent Plus
Image Credit: Amazon

Logitech has built a truly silent mouse, the Logitech M330 Silent Plus. It is a mouse that does not click when clicking on it, which is really comfortable to use, so you will not feel any discomfort when using it for long periods.

Its price is 29.99 pounds sterling, it is expensive, And that is given that it does not contain many features,

as there are only three basic buttons: left click, right click and middle click,

but the main feature is present where you will get an amazing 90% noise reduction.

2- Razer Pro Click

Razer Pro Click
Image Credit: Razer

The Razer Pro Click is an eye-catching mouse, although somewhat simple,

but it is packed with some excellent hardware for high performance.

One of the main advantages of this mouse is the price. It has a very nice price, at $ 100 / £ 77 / AU $ 140.

it also has a few programmable buttons for total use but nonetheless keeps the thumb side mostly clear.

The Razer Pro Click is definitely one of the best Bluetooth-enabled mice we’ve seen in a long time.

It contains several connectivity options that you could possibly need and this is really useful.

You need an office desk (Work From Home Equipment)

So that you get complete comfort during your work. and we will recommend some of them for you (Work From Home Equipment)

1- Furinno Computer Desk (12095GYW)

Furinno Computer Desk (12095GYW) Work From Home Equipment
Image Credit: Amazon

Furinno creates elegant and distinctive offices, and is characterize by its extremely excellent prices,

but you cannot expect first-class build quality in the basement bargaining for the office market, but you will nevertheless get a strong and durable product.

Furinno Computer Desk (12095GYW) is a good choice for those looking for a space saver, as it provides you with an extremely compact desk and has a slide-out drawer for your keyboard and mouse. There is a bonus drawer included too.

As for the price, it is priced at $ 61.86, which is very reasonable.

2- IKEA Linnmon / Alex

IKEA Linnmon Alex Work From Home Equipment
Image Credit: IKEA

IKEA Linnmon desk is a standalone office or equipped with Alex drawer units.

If you want the maximum storage space, you can fill a pair of drawer units at either end of the desk, as it features many drawers.

It contains three large drawers and two small drawers each,

and this is a great space for cutting and cutting, papers and folders.

As for the desktop itself, it is awesome, as it is 150 cm long and 75 cm deep.

As for the build quality, it is characterize by a very good build quality for the price, and it costs 109,99 US$.

You’ll need a Good Desks for your laptop

to rest your head and your body another Work From Home Equipment

1- Rain Design mStand

Rain Design mStand Work From Home Equipment
Image Credit: Amazon

MStand by Rain Design is a solid choice, as it has a durable aluminum design that can accommodate heavy laptops.

It also comes in three different colors that fit well with the styles of Apple laptops,

but it is not exclusive to Apple devices, as it also fits Windows laptops and Chromebooks.)

The mStand will hold your mobile device by 5.9 inches, giving you a better view of the screen without having to bend your neck down and subject to constant pain while you are doing various tasks.

It also has the best space to organize better cable management, as you can run your power cables through the hole and direct any wire accessories through it as well. and it costs 40,41 US$.

2- Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand

Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand Work From Home Equipment
Image Credit: Amazon

The Griffin Elevator Computer Stand is very good,

as it is a fixed height and fixed angle stand machine made of durable pure aluminum

and made of two angle metal strips held together ruggedly and made of plastic bar.

It comes flat packed, which requires you to assemble it outside of the box,

as it features a completely open design, and has a great feature that is great for cooling.

It’s also really great at managing cables, as the rubber straps keep the laptop fairly secure,

and everything is very light and easy to move around when needed.

You’ll need a comfy chair (Work From Home Equipment)

1- Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron
Herman Miller Aeron

The Herman Miller Aeron is a first-class office chair, it is cool and incredibly comfortable, it also has an ergonomic design, as it features a mesh back that scores points close to the top of the group.

It also has a lot of adjustable features but is not yet universally approved by our judges when it comes to comfort.

It also has a very nice warranty and appears to be very well built for comfort while you work.

2- Alera Elusion

Alera Elusion Work From Home Equipment
Alera Elusion

Alera Elusion is also our top pick for under $ 200, it’s network-backed and features lots of tilt and tension adjustment options.

The price point here is very acceptable because of the features it has, as it is only priced at $ 190.

You’ll need a headphone

My Voice My Voice You want powerful headphones so you can enjoy the strongest and most powerful sound.

1. Sony WH-1000xM4

Sony WH-1000xM4
Image Credit: Amazon

The Sony WH-1000xM4 is the best headphone on the market, featuring the same warm,

detailed sound and responsive touch controls that were found in the

WH-1000xM3, and it also features an advanced ANC slightly that challenges what Bose has to offer.

In terms of design, it has a very styled headband and rubber coating.

These headphones have many features ranging from customizing audio via the Sony Headphones Connect app to versatile wireless performance.

As for the connectivity options, it includes Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, and multipoint technology to connect to two devices simultaneously.

2- Jabra Elite Active 75t

Jabra Elite Active 75t
Image Credit: Amazon

The Elite Active 75t headphones feature better sound than AirPods Pro

and have a strong and extended battery life, and its charging case contains more portable power

and feels more durable and powerful. It contains many features,

such as an anti-perspirant property, and this is a strong advantage for fitness enthusiasts, the comfort they can rely on.

It is also distinguished by the quality of the connection and also the support of the digital assistant.

Best of all, as for the voice, it offers a very clean sound,

warm and lively musical instruments and vocals that can also be modified through special features.

It also plans to release the ANC update over the air for free this month, which will let you enjoy some form of noise cancellation.


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