Xbox Wireless Controller
Xbox Wireless Controller


Xbox Wireless Controller

Good Stuff

  • Excellent feeling
  • works on a range of devices
  • Improving textures
  • Motivation trigger great

    Bad Stuff

  • share button can be awkward
  • Not rechargeable without addition

    Over the years, we have witnessed many improvements and upgrades on the Xbox Wireless Controller,

    and now the Xbox Series X / S Gamepad provides a unique and more distinctive

    Experience without the need to pay the price,

    this new version features a design and texture that leads to a more intuitive gaming experience.

    Fast Talk (Xbox Wireless Controller)

    The Xbox Wireless Controller has taken off and it’s a brand new gamepad. Instead, it’s an improved version of the gamepad used with the Xbox One, after it underwent some upgrades for its release

    Along with the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, they have been upgraded and improved with some modern features and capabilities, even worthy of a new version of Xbox

    You will find this Xbox Wireless Controller is a noticeable improvement over Microsoft’s previous primary gamepads.

    Despite the familiar design of the Xbox Wireless Controller, it is completely different, as it has an improved feel and greatly improved engineering,

    which makes the gaming experience more convenient and comfortable during long gaming sessions.

    Microsoft has provided a new application, a dedicated share button on its gamepad, which makes it very easy to capture screenshots and various video clips in the middle of the game without any complication.

    As for the price, it comes at a very reasonable price, as the Xbox Wireless Controller is available at $ 59.99 / £ 54.99 / $ 74.99.

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    Design: A sleek matte finish

    As we said in terms of shape, the new Xbox Wireless Controller did not differ from its predecessor,

    as it has a similar shape, and we also found that it preserved the traditional button and trigger layout,

    and I see that this makes sense due to successive updates and releases,

    as it is difficult to maintain and renew in appearance constantly.

    However, we cannot deny the promotions that Microsoft put in place in terms of design.

    wireless xbox controller Design

    For example, the exterior of the gaming console now has a sleek matte finish that closely matches the new console designs.

    But unfortunately, we found that the matte finish, except with the black console that comes with the Xbox Series X, easily picks up noticeable scratches and scratches, so it is not necessary to stay away from the black color.

    As for the colors, other color variants are available for the console,

    for example the white version comes included with the Xbox Series S

    and the other colors will need to be purchased separately, and some may be less subject to wear.

    And the console’s revised panel features a tactile texture on the triggers, handles and bumpers, which brings comfort and safety in our hands.

    As for the size, we found that the bumpers and triggers were rounded

    and reduced by a few millimeters, which makes the gamepad appear smaller,

    Although in numbers it is consider the same size as its predecessor,

    but this simple change improves comfort levels in a subtle but noticeable way.

    Xbox Wireless Controller Features: D-pad 

    We have indicated that there have been some upgrades to the console,

    including the addition of a “share” button and a hybrid D-pad.

    The function of this button is to share mainly as a capture button,

    Allowing you to capture screenshots of your game and various video clips easily,

    with one click that takes a snapshot, but with continuing to hold the button for a longer period,

    Through it you can record a 15-second video clip by default.

    wireless xbox controller d'pad
    wireless xbox controller d’pad

    And compared to the Xbox One, this is much easier, as with the first you have to press the Home button, then X or Y.

    There is also a hybrid D-pad, which would provide a middle ground between the classic D-pad for the Xbox One console and the changeable D-pad, and it comes in the form of an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2.

    This is a small change, but is intended to give the D-pad more control and pressure – while feeling more comfortable overall.

    We found that the D-pad had such a loud click that we hadn’t heard from a console before, and it was somewhat annoying to me.

    As for the ports on the Xbox Wireless console, the 3.5 mm audio jack and the expansion port are located at the bottom,

    the USB charging port and the pairing button are located at the top,

    and the display, menu and Xbox buttons are located on the face.

    Xbox Wireless Controller Performance: so many upgrades

    And when it comes to the general performance of the Xbox Wireless Controller,

    it offers improvements in various functions, as we found that the console became more responsive,

    due to the lower latency that Microsoft boasted about and the more stable frame rate in the Xbox Series X / S,

    while plugging in The gamepad wirelessly via Bluetooth connectivity to a range of devices, including Xbox One, iPhone 11 and Mac.

    As for charging, the Xbox Wireless Controller again runs on AA batteries, but if you want to avoid the hassle of changing batteries or charging them constantly, the company provides you with two options.

    First, you can invest in the Play and Charge Kit, which is a rechargeable battery that you can use to charge the console while gaming or between sessions.

    wireless xbox controller buttons

    The second option is that you can connect your console to the console via USB-C.

    And you can do the reset by resetting the Xbox Wireless Controller on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S via the Xbox Accessories app.

    Upon testing, we found that the application allows you to remap a few of the controller buttons to your liking,

    and not only that, but also allows you to control aspects such as whether your remote control vibrates and whether you want to turn the stick automatically.

    Resetting is very simple.

    An upgrade present in the Xbox Wireless Controller is that you can use the push trigger feature found in previous iterations of Xbox game consoles, which should provide haptic feedback to your fingertips.


    In terms of features in the Xbox Wireless Controller, it works with more than just the Xbox Series X / S. The existing gamepad is compatible with Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and Android devices, in addition to future iOS support.

    Featuring a stylish and elegant design, the Xbox Wireless Controller is well suited for a wide range of hand sizes, especially those with small hands, as it is a great tool in your hands.

    As for pricing, Microsoft offers the casual gamer an excellent price,

    but you won’t get the customization options and additional features that come with Series 2.

    The Xbox Wireless Controller is the most reliable and affordable option – which makes it a no-brainer.

    For charging, the Xbox Wireless Controller uses AA batteries, and you can connect it to the console via USB-C.



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