Mi Smart Band 5
Mi Smart Band 5

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 has a set of new features that will make daily use more comfortable than before, and it features a flat and clear screen and features many useful settings in fitness.

Just a glance

Mi Smart Band 5 is compatible with Android phones and iPhones,

providing you with features such as the ability to display phone notifications to control music playback on your phone, remotely capture smartphone photos, and view weather forecasts.

It also has improved music playback controls and weather forecasts quite well,

but the notifications are still a little cramped.

It has very useful features such as setting alarms, accessing the remote control of the camera,

searching in the settings of the band, and it also has many controls over the health and fitness data that is displayed on those faces.

The Mi Smart Band 5 has a light design and is comfortable for night wear,

and it will continue to work automatically to monitor your sleep,

in order to get the best sleep data, but that may affect the battery life.

In the morning, the bracelet will present to you things like sleep score,

sleep breakdown including REM sleep, naps, sleep quality analysis, and sleep regularity.

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A brighter, more vibrant screen
Optimized shipping setting
Powerful heart rate performance


Setting up sports GPS tracking is tricky
The look is quite plain
Loss of NFC and smart assistant outside of China


Heart rate tracking
Waterproof and swim tracking
11 sports profiles
Step tracking
Sleep tracking including REM
Music controls
Notification support
iOS and Android support
Specifications Table


Mi Smart Band 5 is not completely different from the Xiaomi Mi Band 4,

as the design of the previous version, it combines a similar-looking tracking unit with a TPU plastic strap, and it is available in six different colors.

It has a clean and simple design, but is less elegant than Fitbit trackers,

but in construction it looks well built and is nowhere “cheap”.

In terms of testing, we found that it features a very clear and elegant screen,

as Xiaomi uses an AMOLED touch screen with a resolution of 1.1 inches and a resolution of 126 x 294.

Mi Smart Band 5 Front and Back Design

Mi Smart Band 5 is a bump in size and resolution on a 0.95 and 120 x 240 screen resolution on the Mi Band 4.

Mi Smart Band 5 has the same 5ATM water and sweat resistance as the previous version, making it suitable for jumping in the pool or any walk in the rain.


As for the brightness, the maximum is 450 nits per square meter.

The result is a show that largely clears the floor with competition.

The Mi Smart Band 5 screen is also bright, clear, colorful, responsive, and easy to view in bright sunlight.

This additional screen real estate has the advantage that it can display more information simultaneously, which is most evident on the watch screen.

Mi Smart Band 5 Display

Xiaomi also seems to have increased the size of its icons, making it easier to look at your information during the day.

The display works with a touch feature and below it there is a capacitive button,

which is mainly used to alert the screen to your heartbeat, on the back you will find an on-board heart rate monitor.

Fitness tracking

Mi Smart Band 5 has many fitness tracking features: the accelerometer and gyroscopic motion sensors, as well as the heart rate monitor feature during exercise.

From the watch home screen or from the status menu to learn more, you can view basic fitness tracking stats.

There you will find your steps all the time, distance traveled, calories burned while you exercise, inactivity alerts to indicate how much you are inactive, and you can see your total steps over the course of seven days.

And for the athletes, they can direct it to the workout screen where you can choose from 11 different sports modes.

There is outdoor running, brisk walk, swimming in the pool, jumping, yoga, freestyle swimming mode, cycling (indoor and outdoor), and running on the treadmill.

As you exercise, the heart rate is displayed on the device, making you more attentive to your heartbeat than counting steps is actually in my view a positive thing.

And there is a Mi Fit app if you want to see results and get a better understanding of PAI results.

It also features stress tracking and guided breathing exercises, concluding with a comprehensive set of features.


One of the things that changed in the new Mi Smart Band 5 is the charging method,

as it was previously, you must pull the tracking unit from the strap until you connect it to its charging stand.

mi smart band 5 Charger

But now the new magnetic charging cable is connected directly to the back of the tracker, and this means that you no longer need to disconnect the tracker from the bracelet anymore, and this is a very beautiful and practical feature.

The App

Mi Band has an app that’s compatible with Android and iOS,

and the truth is that we didn’t encounter any issues with the iPhone or Android in our testing.

The application is very useful, you will need the application to synchronize the data, as it is very fast in synchronizing this data as well.

The status screen gives you a snapshot of your most recent data, which you can dig deeper into if you like through the app.

The app also has dedicated tracking screens for walking, cycling and running when you want to use your phone’s Global Positioning System (GPS).

 If you want to set goals, head to the Profile tab, connect to Apple Health

or Google Fit, and sync via new watch faces, then set the type of notifications you want to receive on the device.

Buy it for

Mi Smart Band 5 is characterized by its high-quality touch screen,

as Xiaomi has managed to include the best screens that you will find in a fitness tracker

for people who are interested in working out, making viewing your data fun.

It also has an impressive set of features, including that Xiaomi has managed to keep the price at a low price.

An impressive feature is Mi Smart Band 5, which is incredibly rich tracking support for a range of different activities.

If you want to take your phone out anywhere, it supports connected GPS.

This will ensure that you get good data as well.

Don’t buy it for

Although Xiaomi introduces additional ranges, and has an exceptional display,

it does not have a stylish look when you wear it.

When you’re doing sports, Mi Smart Band 5 isn’t accurate enough that you need to measure heart rate for fitness, you also don’t have the support for external chest straps to improve that either.

Unfortunately, there is no NFC to support the payment features, unlike the Chinese version of Mi Smart Band 5


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