Yamaha YAS-209
Yamaha YAS-209


Yamaha YAS-209

good stuff

  • Broad sound and heaviness
  • “Ambient” effects are well placed
  • A clear and predictable dialogue

    bad stuff

  • The room is less full than some
  • Competitors are smarter and sharper
  • Struggling in stereo

    The Yamaha YAS-209 is a nicely design speaker and subwoofer combination that results in a surprisingly large sound presence, it is the best fully functional smart speaker thanks to Amazon Alexa.

    Fast Talk (Yamaha YAS-209)

    The Yamaha YAS-209 is a 2.1-channel array of speakers and subwoofer for beginners, it is the product of the company’s years of experience in the loudspeaker market, and it has many features that unfortunately make it stand out, thanks to DTS Virtual: X which provides psycho-acoustic treatment to create an experience Great voice.

    It might disappoint you a bit due to the dropping of the MusicCast multi-room system, but Amazon Alexa compatibility has been added instead.

    The Yamaha YAS-209 speaker price is $ 349 / £ 429 / AU $ 599. It’s fairly average, but for that it offers excellent value for money thanks to its superior sound quality.

    And if you are looking for alternatives to similar products, there is the Sonos Beam amplifier which has good sound in itself, with easy setup, and the ability to work with Alexa and Google, but does not have a separate subwoofer.

    And if you are going to miss MusicCast compatibility, the Yamaha BAR 40 SW is for you, but it is more affordable due to the excellent combination of Yamaha multi-chamber system.

    Key Specifically

    inputsHDMI, Optical
    Audioformat support DTS:X
    Soundbar Dimensions (hwd)6.2 × 93 × 10.9cm
    Subwoofer Dimensions (hwd)42 x 19.1 × 40.6cm

    Yamaha YAS-209: Sleek Design

    The Yamaha YAS-209 has a very simple design. It has curved edges and a black mesh wrapped around the fabric. The top comes in a matte black finish.

    The quality of design and construction is very good, and the design will match well with different TVs ranging in size between 55 and 65 inches, and you can use the stand or install it on the wall, with screw holes and a template if you prefer to install it on the wall.

    Yamaha YAS-209 Design
    Yamaha YAS-209 Design

    It has small LED lights on the top panel, and the function of the LED lights is to record these inputs – HDMI, TV (ARC),

    Bluetooth and Net – along with indicators to show whether ambient mode or clear sound is selected,

    and there is also an indicator for Wi-Fi connectivity. -Fi, and an indicator that Alexa is working.

    There are several basic touch sensitive controls that provide you with source selection, volume up / down, and on / off. Thanks to Alexa, there is also a button to wake it up and another to mute the microphones, two of which are located above the indicators and controls.

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    Yamaha YAS-209: Inputs and Connection , Remote Controls

    The ports are on the left back of the soundbar, there is an HDMI input and output. Both pass in 4K and HDR, while the latter supports ARC. There is also an optical digital input to connect to non-ARC televisions, and an Ethernet port for wired connection. In terms of wireless connections, there is Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) and Bluetooth (version 4.2).

    With the Yamaha YAS-209 there is a built-in remote control, which is characterized by its small size and includes all the controls that you will need to set up and operate the speaker, for example it contains Alexa alert, along with a variety of ambient sound modes and the clear sound feature.

    Features: The Sub is so Powerful, and has a surround sound modes

    The Yamaha YAS-209 has many features, thanks to the speakers, as there is a strong focus on sound quality thanks to the two front speakers, each of which consists of a 4.6 cm woofer and a 2.5 cm tweeter.

    There is also a separate wireless subwoofer, which allows you to deliver deep, well-integrated bass.

    As for the sub, it is made of MDF, it looks like a speaker design with a matte black finish and a black fabric mesh,

    it has a 6.5 inch side motor that powers 100 watts of built-in amplification.

    And in the tape itself there is 50 watts of amplification for each of the amplifiers resulting in a total of 200 watts for the entire system.

    Yamaha YAS-209 Speaker

    The Yamaha YAS-209 supports DTS Virtual: X, which would process 3D surround sound to solve a single speaker system, giving you the feeling that the speakers have more than 2.1 channels.

    There are also a number of other surround sound modes, such as music, TV program, movies, sports, and games,

    in addition to a stereo mode, bass extension mode, and a clear audio feature designed to enhance the clarity of different sounds.

    With the Yamaha YAS-209, you can stream music from smart devices, computers or media servers. You will not only stream from Spotify and Amazon Music, but also turn the sound bar into a smart speaker for access to more control over the volume.

    Performance: Sound Quality is Great and Good Bass

    Judging from the la la land soundtrack on 4K Blu-ray, the Yamaha YAS-209 dazzled us, as there was real stiffness and weight while listening to the film’s different tracks, as the sounds precisely oscillated around the wide and long soundstage provided by DTS Virtual Processing: X .

    As for the bass, they found there was a lot of bass here, but it didn’t even beat the conduction,

    so the Yamaha YAS-209 was clear and well predicted, even during intense work.

    The Yamaha YAS-209 offers spacious and airy connectivity, but it doesn’t quite fill the room like Sony does, but there is plenty of width and height to the B-24 Liberator’s powerful engines and ambient noise.

    When playing the movie Mother, we found that the sound was strong and dynamic next to some in the classroom, but there was an annoying feeling that the tape was pulling its punches.

    The sounds were impressively clear and well projected, but we felt that there was

    an inconsistent touch in the notes, so they were weak and unnatural in the lower records.

    So you should switch to stereo mode to avoid the music getting audibly echoed.


    The Yamaha YAS-209 amplifier allows you to upgrade TV sound quality without drawing attention. It is gorgeous by all accounts, it has a good set of speakers and some powerful amplification housed in a very simple structural design.

    When adding a separate subwoofer, you get an amazing full audio experience that sounds big and deep, and the inclusion of DTS Virtual: X also creates a greater sense of surround presence.

    As we said, there is no support for the MusicCast multi-room system from Yamaha,

    and we think that is to lower the price a little, and instead of the Amazon Alexa included, which turns this amplifier into a fully functional smart speaker.

    The YAS-209 subwoofer is a subcompact bar that has great surround sound at a competitive price that covers all the important bases.



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