YouTube wants to compete against Tik Tok with the Shorts feature
YouTube wants to compete against Tik Tok with the Shorts feature

YouTube -Google enters the line of American companies competing for the application of Tik Tok by providing the short shorts feature on YouTube.

It seems that American companies,

in general,

I want to stop the Chinese crawl of social networks, especially the Tik Tok application which is advancing quickly and steadily towards the top.

 After many statements from Facebook,

criticizing the application of the Chinese short video clips and trying to find competitors for it, and other companies talking about it

 Google seems to want to take an important step to compete against the Chinese app via YouTube.

According to The Information site

 YouTube wants to add a feature called Shorts that includes short clips within its application on smartphones.

The next feature will allow you to use the YouTube Music and Sound Library to create short sound simulated videos like Tik Tok.

The same source confirmed the advantage of the feature at the end of the year 2020

 But YouTube, in turn, declined to comment on the topic,

according to Engadget.

This is not the first time for YouTube to try to copy features from other applications and add them to the platform

 Where previously, the feature stories version of the Snapchat application,

which then spread on various platforms.

 This may be due to the company’s fear that more

and more users will be directed towards short clips and their publishing methods,

unlike its pioneering platform for visual content and long clips.

Google plans to compete with TikTok with its own YouTube feature called ‘Shorts,’ according to a report from The Information,

which cited a couple of unnamed sources.

The feature will reportedly,

be apart of the YouTube app. Users would be able to upload short videos and use songs licensed by YouTube as soundtracks.

The TikTok rival will reportedly be introduced

by the end of 2020.

The China-based video-sharing platform TikTok was released in September of 2016

more at

Google reportedly working on YouTube Shorts feature to compete with TikTok

YouTube ‘Shorts’ is Google’s answer to TikTok,

says report

TikTok launched in China in 2016

and was released worldwide in 2018. The app allows for short looping videos from 3 to 60 seconds long, echoing the days of Vine.

Since launch, the mobile app has become massively popular,

becoming one of the most downloaded apps in both major app stores,

with a particular stronghold among teens.

including reports that moderators were asked

to censor the reach of users with visible disabilities, and general disdain from the US politicians,

many of which consider the Chinese app to be a national security threat.

Granted, YouTube isn’t exactly controversy-free either.

It’ll be interesting to see how this battle plays out.

but if YouTube wants to stop TikTok’s momentum –

especially now that people are stuck at home

and don’t have much better to do with their time

– it will probably want to present its challenger sooner rather than later.

This new feature will allow creators to offer short videos with background music, which will be integrated into a new stream fully provided for this purpose. YouTube is hoping to catch up to stem the overwhelming success that TikTok has had in recent months. To get there, the American platform will rely on its million creators to propel Shorts to the same level as TikTok.


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