Zendure SuperTank Pro
Zendure SuperTank Pro

Zendure SuperTank Pro is the latest and best portable charger, with faster speeds, more USB-C ports, and an improved OLED display.

Just a Glance

This is the brand new Zendure SuperTank Pro, and we’re in love with the original SuperTank, but the SuperTank pro is on a whole nother level.

In fact it has a huge new display and four USBC outputs. It’s just incredible. 

of course you’re going to notice the all-new design, it has plastic around the midsection there,

but the top and the bottom of this battery are now made out of aluminum, which gives it a great premium feel. 

it’s still the same size as the previous generation SuperTank,

but of course the side there on the front, it has been upgraded with that new large OLED display. 

now it’s not just a display that gives you how much battery is remaining,

it gives you much more information including how much power is going in, how much power is going out. 

the percentage of your battery, the remaining watt hours of your battery and an individual breakdown of how much power is going to or from each of these four ports. 


  • USB-C ports are more and faster
  • The OLED screen is useful
  • Improved design


  • pricey
  • It needs a 100W charger for faster charging


Dimensions4.9″ x 2.9″ x 1.8″ (124mm x 74.5mm x 45.5mm) 
Weight20.5oz / 580g
OutputUSB-C1,USB-C2 ,PPS: 5-11V, 5A ,USB-C3 / C4
Total DC Output138W
Firmware UpgradeYes; connect to PC software via USB-C port
DisplayOLED Screen
MaterialAluminum Shell + abs & pc midframe
Specifications Table

Features (Fast Charging)

The USB-C port is very simple in terms of charging many different devices with one port, but what is distinguished here is the maximum efficiency in charging.

It is not that simple, as each port works with a capacity of 100 watts inside and 100 watts for the outside.

Zendure SuperTank Pro Specs Sheet
Zendure SuperTank Pro Specs Sheet

And the four ports in Zendure SuperTank Pro are divided into groups of two.

The first two ports are dedicated to a laptop and tablet image.

As for the remaining two ports, they are assigned to an iPhone and a tablet, but they are the slowest.

The first two ports dedicated to a computer are capable of producing 100 watts

or input, which is more than enough for one of these ports to charge the 16-inch MacBook Pro at full speed.

But when tested using them as outputs at the same time,

however, the speed decreased slightly to a maximum of 60 watts each for 120 watts of total power output.

The iPhone’s two ports are 18W each, which is easy enough to quickly charge the iPad or fast charge the iPhone.

And when all four outlets are used by consensus, SuperTank Pro can output about 138W.

The Zendure SuperTank Pro battery has a 100W braided USB-C cable, but does not include an AC charger, as we still need a 100W USB-C charger to power it.

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The Zendure SuperTank Pro has a brand-new look, featuring an anodized aluminum-coated design with ABS plastic for the middle frame, giving the battery a more premium feel than an all-plastic design, as it isn’t just equipped with USB-C ports.

Zendure SuperTank Pro has a button to turn on the battery and when you press it the new large OLED screen lights up, displaying all the information on the battery percentage, wattage and hours remaining, and input or output power on each of the four ports.

Replacing the two USB-A ports for the other two USB-C ports was a reasonable decision as they are now able to line up in one clean row under the OLED panel.

Zendure SuperTank Pro also has several upgradeable firmware,

which helps to maintain support for emerging charging protocols and standards

so you never have to upgrade the same battery again.

The only thing I didn’t like is that firmware upgrades can only be performed on a PC.


The output is powerful, but the fast input should not be underestimated.

When you have a big battery like Zendure SuperTank Pro,

However, be aware that charging 18W, 30W, or even 60W may take some time.

Whereas, Zendure SuperTank Pro, just like the original SuperTank, can handle around 100 watts of input.

And when we ran our tests, we found that this was enough to charge the battery in just over 90 minutes, which is quite huge to quickly charge the battery in and out of the door.

Zendure SuperTank Pro also supports USB-C power delivery, as well as fast charging on all iPhones.

As for those who use Samsung environmental devices, it supports charging up to 55 watts PPS.

That’s roughly 35W of power for the Samsung S20 Ultra & Note 10.

And the beauty is that if a new, faster USB-C charging standard emerges, Zendure SuperTank Pro can be easily upgraded to support it.

Our Verdict

The Zendure SuperTank Pro is cool, powerful, has a large amount of power output, an impressive power input, and four industry-leading USB-C ports.

Its new screen also provides a great visual display of all your devices and exactly how fast they charge.

The capacity of 96.5W is also just a hair below the industry standard with a maximum of 100Wh for flights,

which means you can fly with the Zendure SuperTank Pro without any hassle or hassle.


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